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Byoubu No.1
Don't you leave Kimono in the closet?
"Satsumayuukitsumugi"(a kind of kimono)is sticked on this byoubu. The design of pattern can be changed and you can put it wherever you want.

Byoubu No.2
"Kiyose Gobuchouji"
140-0-00-00, TCS-Unmo, HAS-84, FGS-Fusegata

The base paper, "Torinoko", is dyed in Mokuren-iro(magnolia color) with special technique. This technique is called "Gubiki" and it is one kind of brush dyeing. You can put the design of pattern wherever you want. (allover, half or irregular like this Byoubu.)

Byoubu No.3
Made by Yamauchi Shozo, Washi handcraft artist.
The coloring is very modern and it fits not only eastern rooms but western rooms.

Furosaki No.1
Honkinsunagozaiku"Rennshou ni Tsuki" Akikusaunmozuri
The pattern is made by Gold powder and mica powder and print "Unmozuri". This desgn has gorgeous atomosphere.

Furosaki No.2

"Kiyose Hishigasane"
135-0-00, T1TCS-Unmo, HAS-84FGS-Fusegata, MHP-GR(Honkin)

The base paper is dyed in "Mokuren iro"(magnolia color). Put the "Hishigasane" pattern obliquely and print "Unmo zuri".

Furosaki No.3
"Kiyose Sakuragasane"
101-A-19-00, WHS-Mizumomigami

The base paper is dark brown Mizumomigami(colored in a crumpling way) and print the "Gofun zuri" of "Sakuragasane"(overlapped cherry blossoms) This white pattern is not symmetrical and it makes a room modern.
* Furosaki (a kind of short Byoubu)