(traditional Japanese paper)
There are many different types of handmade Fusua paper which have been made by the traditional wooden prints in the cataloque of "Kiyose". And you can arrange all the elements that form the paper of Fusuma for matching your needs.

Design : 35 different types
Many designs of nature that can easily be incorporated in your house hold interior.

Washi : 10 different types

5 traditional types of Washi made from Ganpi(Diplomorpha sikokiana), Mitsumata(Edgeworthia papyrifera) and Kouzo. And 5 types of pastels Sukizome-Torinoko. Both of them are made by hand in Echizen.

Color of print : 9 different types
Many different color combinations that can be adjusted according to size, door handwares and designs. Many flexible combinations can be made to meet your individual needs.

Handmade paper dyed in a "Tukezuke" form. 18 traditional colors with 3 different hues each (Total 54 dyes) in the cataloque of "Shiorigusa".
You can put these decorations, such as "Unmozuri", "Hakebokasizome", "Kingindorobiki" or "Kinginsunago" on the ground paper.

Other kinds of Fusuma paper(Washi)
We have many samples from high-quality products to popular products. The way to use the Fusuma or Washi has no limit. We are very glad if you use traditional paper, Washi, or Fusuma into modern living space with your new concept.