In the commercial space such as a restaurant, a hotel and an eventhall,
you can use Washi as you like.
Washi has some atomosphere like happiness.
so that it is very easy to make your space sophisticated and relaxing by using Washi.
Washi shows us many aspects of themselves on the ceiling, wallpaper or lighting with our Washi.

The Washi set on the corner of a lobby make us relaxed by their texture and you can feel something like happiness.

The light through Washi is very soft and has relaxing atomosphere.

The wall of a stair in Kanagawa Official Document mumuseum. From the charactor of collected items, we suggested to make wall handmade Washi ornament which has unique Japanese atomosphere and last for long time. We put handmade Washi between two glass which are processed specially and fit the item on the wall.